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  • Full access to Bridgestone Government Pricing Catalog
  • Organize, track and manage Government bid requests easily
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  • Full access to Bridgestone Government Pricing Catalog
  • Access your approved Contract Pricing
  • Search and find Supply Points easily


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Asia Phengsavath
Senior Sales Analyst
Government Sales
(tel) 800-543-7522 ext. 3464
(fax) 615-493-0404
Candace Stevenson
Senior Sales Analyst
Government Sales
(tel) 800-543-7522 ext. 3288
(fax) 615-493-0804
Carl Crabtree
Government Fleet Manager
(Training, Education, Field Support)
(Mobile) 252-202-3035
(fax) 615-493-4127
Gregg Trosper
Government Sales
(tel) 615-937-3794
(fax) 615-493-0258

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Now you can access the complete Bridgestone tire catalogue from anywhere including your mobile device. Search, filter and sort to get exactly what you're looking for instantly.

Bid Requests

Creating, reviewing and revising bids is streamlined with Bridgestone's Dashboard so we know exactly what you need from us, when you need it.

Clean and Simple

Designed to make doing business with Bridgestone better.

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Now Government agencies can search dealers by proximity or by services offered and get exactly what they're looking for.

Bid Requests
Clean and Simple
Sort and Locate

Bridgestone has been creating performance-driven truck tires Americans can trust since 1931.

Bridgestone has precisely the right tire for your fleet conditions.

High scrub, high speed or cold weather -- you can count on Bridgestone tires.

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Tire Features

Bridgestone engineers are passionate about developing new performance technologies. The result is high performing tires for the moments when you need them most.

Our commitment to driver education.

Bridgestone has made a long-term commitment to the continuing education of drivers across the country. We make it our mission to ensure drivers are confident in their skills and comfortable on the road.